Who is An2S?

A Note Two Self is a band and a project started by Mike Richards after his previous band The Offset broke up due to life differences. Currently the lineup is just Mike who has been busy working on live-streaming apps such as Busker and Periscope and showcasing the many musicians that also do most of their promotions there. Mike has been working on collaborations over the last year with many different artists and has toured across the country thanks to the endeavors with live-streaming and is planning on releasing his next album “Dreams of Laurel” in August of 2017. More so than just some project, it’s the constant reminder that no matter what happens in life, one should always live to do what they love. Never take a job you hate, never settle for less, and always work toward dedicating your life to your passion no matter the cost.

More than a motto, the hope is to impress the same upon others with fantastic talents and provide a way for others to share their talents with the world and give them maybe just a little more of a gentle push toward their ultimate goal.

We have a passion for music, poetry, and art. Playing, creating, and sharing.

If you get some time follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, subscribe to our blog and Youtube pages, and if you really dig us, show us some support by buying our music and supporting the cause at our BandCamp site.

Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy!

Mike Richards


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