The Band

A Note Two Self is a band and a project started by Mike Richards after his previous band The Offset broke up due to life differences. Currently the lineup is a duo including Mike and longtime friend and band mate Burd Boonyoo. More so than just some project, it’s the constant reminder that no matter what happens in life, one should always live to do what they love. Never take a job you hate, never settle for less, and always work toward dedicating your life to your passion no matter the cost.

A Note Two Self grew from the longing to play again and the need to finish works that had not been completed previously. Mike got together with Burd and occasionally pulls from other musicians he’s close with and takes to the venues to play a solid mix of originals and covers that often have their own spin. They are currently playing music throughout the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas), and working toward releasing new music and laying down a new record very soon. They most recently released a live album: Live at the Jammin’ Java, an acoustic set that included most of their highlighted material.

More than a motto, the hope is to impress the same upon others with fantastic talents and provide a way for others to share their talents with the world and give them maybe just a little more of a gentle push toward their ultimate goal.

We have a passion for music, poetry, and art. Playing, creating, and sharing.