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What’s on the L.O.W.?!- Vern Asbury

Introduction   Interview

Local Notes: The Capitol Heights- Spec, Virginia

 1. What was behind the thoughts of the lyrics to this song? Any life experiences or back stories? The lyrics were inspired by an article we read on about an abandoned iron mine in Spec, VA (article here). We used the idea of an iron working town as the

What’s on the L.O.W.?!: Scott Siskind – Vinny Vegas

In this edition of What’s on the L.O.W.?! I reconnected with an amazing musician and graphic designer Scott Siskind. Vinny Vegas – Audiotree Live from Audiotree Live on Vimeo. Scott not only founded the group but also makes fantastic music with them. They have performed all over the nation and

What’s on the L.O.W.?! – Phil Spiess of Two Canadians

Recently I had the pleasure of doing an interview with a friend and fellow musician, Phil Spiess. We met when Burd and I played a show back when lots of things were different. Empire was open and was not Empire but Jaxx, Two Canadians was not Two Canadians but Union

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