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Make Believe

Verse 1 I can’t believe the consequence, In the past sequence in events, What exactly is the news when it comes time for you to choose? Insanity is best when shared, So go out with your teeth all bared! Scream till you feel the rasp inside life’s most marvelous thing

Euphoric Dream

Verse 1 You walked through the snow, Creating the glow, The dark stood no chance to such radiating beauty, You took my hand, Made me understand exactly why love can elude me,   PreChorus Mixtures of silence bring light to this science, Textures that bind us heated up in this


Verse 1 Walking through these city streets I think about the strong and meek, Pushing through the crowds of people, searching through their moods, Taking turns at Dupont Circle, Circling circling circling around and round, The chaos of it all just make us speechless to the point that we say


Verse 1 Sometimes I must stop and wonder where am I to go? I lift my head up high and move ahead! My feet begin to fall back down into the undertow, And I hear the words my father always said!   Chorus All things heal, all things heal with

The Morning Circle

Verse I Six twenty nine and I’m, waiting for the sun, My body and soul are in far destination, A place that’s better pieced, and swirled like a dream, Fears in the new years, but I’m counting on the truth, Bridge 1 I’m counting on the truth, I’m counting on

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