Pre-Orders Available for New Self Titled EP: A Note Two Self

Over the last year I’ve been working hard at increasing shows, lessons, work, and fundraising in multiple different ways just to save enough to lay down a brand new record coming late March – early April. I started writing one song a day some good, some not so great (or complete rather) and came up with quite a few tracks that I believe are the start of something that defines where I have wanted to take the direction of my music. It hasn’t all been easy working toward getting to where I am, but I can confidently say I’m excited about what 2018 will bring for A Note Two Self.

I got back together with Burd Boonyoo, the former other half of A Note Two Self and have been jamming every now and again to sort what the sound might be. I sat in my basement writing, recording, and brainstorming through The Basement Sessions where I have laid down acoustic demos of what is to come. I’ve played multiple shows along the east coast and around Washington D.C. in order to raise funds in addition to tutoring in music, teaching guitar, walking dogs, and even scorekeeping in addition to my day job to make this happen. Needless to say, I’ve been working my ass off, and regardless of if this project is fully funded, there will be a release.

Starting February 5th Burd and I will begin recording at Blue Anthem Studios and hope to complete all tracks by early March.

The tracks that will be on this new EP self titled A Note Two Self will be,

  1. Ubuntu
  2. When You Sing
  3. Wisconsin Fair
  4. 1000 Days
  5. Make Believe

I’ve released these tracks to The Morning Circle through the past month or so and am now making them available through the links only here in this post.

The packages are going to include many different options such as, a digital download before it hits iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, etc… physical copies of the EP, merch packages with limited edition artwork specific to this campaign, Warped packages that include merch and tickets to the Warped Tour nearest your city to hear the EP live at Warped Tour, and many more things! If you’re interested go to the GoFundMe and check out the denominations for what package you’d like. If you’d like to just throw in a donation with no reward just leave it anonymously.

I’m really stoked about this new release! Thanks again everyone!






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