#FreebieFriday #Giveaway End of the Month #Fundraiser for  New Album “Dreams of Laurel”

Hey guys, 

Giving away a signed Takemine Jasmine 35B guitar Friday March 31st in a raffle. To participate either follow us at Busker and tip $1 in any broadcast to enter or contribute $2 at our PayPal with the note “Raffle” and we’ll put your name in the Mad Hatter hat Mikes wearing in the photo. 

The guitar comes with a complimentary 30 minute Skype guitar lesson from Mike himself  that will be set up once the guitar is shipped out and you receive it. 

Second and third place will receive Mikes favorite Knockaround Sunglasses of the month. If you’d like to also get $10 off your next order of Knockarounds click on the Knockaround link and use that code!

Can’t wait to send out that guitar! We’ll see y’all on Busker!

All proceeds will be going to the new 14 track album “Dreams of Laurel” being released at the end of August of this year.

Look out for the Kickstarter coming soon!


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