Top 5 Weirdest 80’s Music Videos of All Time w/ Chris Vasilas and Calvin Thomas

So Chris, Calvin and I got together some time ago and had a discussion on how odd some of the videos from the 80’s were. We came up with a list and… I made some executive decisions and vetos, but all in all this is what we came up with. To preface, we love the 80s as much as the next group of 90s kids but these are simply our observations.

5. Never Gonna Give You Up- Rich Astly

Between the very odd dance moves, the ginger with a distinct but oddly deep voice and the way too into the jams black dude behind the bar… This video 100% made the cut. It’s not nearly as odd as our top picks, but it definitely breaks the surface. Besides, the live video of his performance at The Roxy in 1987 definitely gave it another level of weird factor. We didn’t understand the lady in the mirror… but if you can give us insight or explanation… we’d love to hear it. That video is below.

4. Video Killed the Radio Star- The Buggles

Even though this video and song technically came out in 1979 its difficult to consider this song a song of the 70s. The moves and the way the guys are performing is reminiscent of the evil twins in the TV show Superjail. The keys player is even playing two sets of keys at one point looking dead ahead with no emotion. The two girls are acting like floozies (The blonde playing the part way more) and there’s an audience that looks about like they’re taking a lesson in school. I do love the sunglasses however.

3. Whip it- Devo

Now they have asked the video not be embedded, but you can find it here:

Now Devo is already impressively odd with the wardrobe… but add a whip and a western theme where a woman is having her clothes ripped apart in front of an audience as what I can only assume is the birth mother of Sloth from The Goonies… and have her feed the audience whipped cream for dinner… and have said woman with her clothes being ripped off move around like a busted android in the tunnel of love at the end of the video… and you have and incredibly weird Devo masterpiece.

2. The Safety Dance- Men Without Hats

I don’t think I have to say much about the song everyone assumed was the song about safe sex… just three things.

a. Angry man meets a happy midget… wait… little person.
b. That dance move though…
c. This video is probably directed by a homeless guy that went through one too many acid trips at Woodstock and has this very experience anytime he walks through the streets of New York.

1. Cars- Gary Numan

Embedding is also disabled for good reason… so check it here:

There is so much… this is so weird it’s just plain creepy. From the fact that it’s reminiscent of making videos on the computer in 8th grade, to the fact that there isn’t a single car in the video. Gary Numan also looks like an alien abducted Jamie Lee Curtis’s brother… so there’s that. When you then put Jamie Lee Curtis’s alien abducted brother in a tambourine, then pretending to drive a car on a keyboard, and finally the creepiest part… turning his head and having it appear on the other side of the screen… You have the weirdest and maybe most horrifying video of all of the 80’s.

Some honorable mentions.

I Ran- A Flock of Seagulls
Superfreak- Rick James
The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson (He is white here Chris…)
Love Song- The Cure

Did we miss any videos? What would you suggest? What is your nightmare of an 80’s music video? Let us know and we’ll be compiling those up at the end of the month for our Top 5 Readers Videos.

Hope you enjoyed! Next week we have the Most Popular 80’s videos. See you then.


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