Local Notes: The Capitol Heights- Spec, Virginia

 1. What was behind the thoughts of the lyrics to this song? Any life experiences or back stories?

The lyrics were inspired by an article we read on dcist.com about an abandoned iron mine in Spec, VA (article here). We used the idea of an iron working town as the foundation of a fictional story of a miner trying to win the heart of a girl while the mine is on the verge of depletion. It is apparent through the song that the man is in some state of delusion or denial, but he insists on trying to marry the girl – Analien – under the guise that he will be able to work through the troubled times and provide a life for the couple. The song gives an obvious dark – sad sound and theme in the lyrics – but we tried to give it an uplifting undertone to underscore the man’s separation from the reality the mine, and town, does not have a future. The song can also be interpreted as a simple love proclamation, but the deeper you dig, you see it plays on the sad history of these towns built around the success and failure of a mine.

2. How did you come up with the harmonies that seem to come and go in the song? Why place them where they are and not throughout the whole song?

The harmonies are mainly built around the melody and were placed in order to make the song more dynamic. There are certain areas of the song where we decided to not have a harmony (i.e. the opening and the beginning of the bridge) to give the impression it is the man giving his proposition by himself.

3. Artists often feel they are giving vibes from musicians they appreciate. Did you guys feel like you were channeling anyone when writing and playing this song?

We definitely had a few inspirations in terms of artists. Admittedly – we were listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens (Carrie and Lowell) and Iron and Wine (Our Endless Numbered Days) and I think that shows in the feel of the song. We were able to give it our own flavor with the topic, timbre of our vocals and harmonies, and instrumentation.

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