Music Video Mondays 80’s Edition: #7 – Duran Duran: Hungry Like the Wolf

Today’s Music Video Monday continues with our top ten 80’s countdown and includes Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf.

The setting of the video seems reminiscent of an Indiana Jones film. There are snake charmers and many different street shops set up and our hero, Simon, is dressed as if he’s getting ready for the hunt or some kind of safari.

I personally believe the song is about the pursuit of a woman in search of fulfilling sexual desires, and about how a man will search far and wide, crossing through crowds, crossing through cities, crossing through rivers, and even through forests in order to track down the “prey” he is seeking. When Simon shows the scar of the scratch he has toward the very end of the video it almost says the hunter often times can become the hunted and brings a whole new idea of being “Hungry Like the Wolf” to the table. The song was recorded by the artists in one day and was meant to be a story like that of “Little Red Riding Hood”. The song was released in 1982 when it reached top five on the UK singles charts, and later crossed over into America primarily due to the video and hit #3 on the Billboard top 100 in March of 1983. The video also won a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video in 1984.

Any opinions on the matter? Any ideas of a better video you think should have been #7? Let us know!

Tune in for #6 next week!


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