What’s on the L.O.W.?! – Chris Carrigan of The Fem Doms

This week on What’s on the L.O.W.?! We’re showcasing local band The Fem Doms.

I got in touch with old buddy band mate and friend Chris Carrigan formerly of Carbon Copy and Spanish Noir to discuss life on the road, his most recent album with the group and how they got started.

In their latest album The Fem Doms play seven tracks that are sure to have you head banging and moshing with your favorite pet alone in your living room for a solid half an hour. Chris’s vocals are reminiscent of Robert Plant at times but you can occasionally get the same old feel of Rob Thomas coming in that he always seemed to have from the start. The rhythms have the distinct vibe that NOVA produces as you can hear the Foo Fighters basis around it while there are also hints of the obvious Zepplin and Cage the Elephant. The Fem Doms have really worked toward and created a sound truly original and distinct and they’ve definitely made a fan out of me!

Check out the interview with Chris below. They are currently touring and are planning on releasing a new album very soon. Be sure to hit them up for the album when they come to a town near you!

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