Music Video Mondays- #9 Every Breath You Take: The Police

Number 9 on the top ten countdown of 80’s music videos is none other than Every Breath You Take by The Police.

Now we all know this is known as the ultimate stalker song you could easily see Herbert singing to Stewie in Family Guy, but watching the music video you wouldn’t even realize how creepy the lyrics could be. With the beautiful contrasts of lighting across Sting’s face as he slaps the bass, to the beautifully typical 80’s mullet he’s rocking the whole time you don’t think about the thought that he could be staring at you through a window hyperventilating.

In all seriousness the video is extremely well produced and is a far cry from the happy go lucky dancey rock shows they previously filmed for their videos with them in the break room jamming on tables and playing with props. The song is well known for a reason and doesn’t sound so terrifying when in the proper context, such as a loved one who has passed that is always watching over you… Or Edward Cullen? Nah a Twilight music video for Every Breath You Take sounds like the creepiest thing I could possibly fathom at the moment… But I digress…

The Police once again show their artistic side as well as the beauty of their craft in this one. I wish I was one of the guys in the band just based on how much fun they always seem to have in their videos!

Have a different opinion? Think this should be higher on the list? Lower? No at all? Express yoself in the comment section below.

Until next week!


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