Number 10 – Rhythm Nation: Janet Jackson

We start off this series with number 10, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation.

The video starts out in a stark black and white scene located in what appears to be a factory of some kind.

A very upset young man looks up to what seems to be a beacon of hope and turns out to be Janet Jackson with her musical militia of moving military men and women.

The video goes on with the way most 80’s videos of this genre do with fantastic choreography that would always be expected of Mrs. Jackson, and various scenes of flashy and unexpected dance moves from folks dressed like they are trying to cut off circulation to almost every limb in their lower bodies. From the hint of Thriller to the ballet boys and nun-chuck Nina, this music video is no doubt one of the greatest of its time.

Have a different opinion? Do you agree entirely? Want to share another video you think is #10? Let me know! It could be another number further up the ranks!



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