We’re on WordPress!

Hey guys!

We’re excited to announce we have started blogging!

There’s so much coming up soon it’s incredible. For now what we can tell you is that we’re super excited about the last show. Thanks much for coming out and supporting us and your local music scene!

There were really some fantastic bands out last night including Purple isn’t Six, Along the Way, and Never Too Steep. We unfortunately were late and missed out on The Ballroom Crisis but we definitely recommend checking out all the bands on the bill! It was a really fun show to be a part of. There was such a high energy feel about the music being played but we were received very well! Everyone seemed to dig the tunes and vibe of what we were able to put out.

We’ll be posting videos of the show and releasing a live album of the last show sometime within the next two weeks, but in the meantime here’s a video of us jamming it up from the perspective of one of our close friends Chris Vasilas who caught Make Believe live from the audience!

Remember, if you were at the show we owe you an album! We’ll talk soon!

-Mike of AN2S


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